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If strength, durability and elegance can all be rolled into one - then it is Granite! With its origins right from the core of the earth, this igneous rock is popular among home owners as a tough yet beautiful choice for flooring and kitchen countertops.

Granite also makes for excellent benches and fireplaces, because of its high density and hardness, and heat resistant nature.

Granite is a popular building stone as well. A combination of rough and finished granite surfaces as walls can produce a classic and elegant appearance. An expert who has knowledge of tightly fitting joints can finish even rough-cut blocks to present a rugged yet refined finish.

Granite pavers in the hands of expert craftsmen can produce astounding results out of natural stone.

And finally memories stay permanent with the durable Granite that is the most preferred stone for memorials.

The key to everything of lasting value with granite is expert hands and experience that understands the value of appropriate shape and edge.

Wide range

Walk-in and choose from our wide range of granite stone - imported and Indian stone. Immaterial of your budgets, our yard and inventory will have something of quality to suit your purse. Using our vast selection of landscaping stones, we will also help you select the perfect granite to complete your project and beautify your home; steps, natural stone veneers, retaining walls, flower beds, walkways and paths, we have the ideal granite stone for every outdoor and indoor project.

Why Us?

With Kirthu Granite you can be assured of:

  • Custom designs
  • Great quality
  • Large choice of ideas and products
  • Excellent creative landscaping
  • Experienced team of artists, designers, architects, engravers and fixing and laying personnel
  • Best-in-class competitive pricing across all natural stones.

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